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Welcome to E LITA STYLE
  Dear visitors of our website,

        we are giving you our warm regards,
thank you, that you are interested in our products.
We are very glad you have visited our web-site
on which we would like to introduce our offer.

We are very pleased to be here for you and appreciate
if you will come back to our web site again and again
and thus you will retain the favour to our offer.

- we are a Slovak company (Bratislava - Slovakia (SK) - European Union),
which produces and offers high quality and price affordable sportswear
- swimwear, shirts, shorts, overalls (with zipper, with no zipper) for swimmers,
water sports, bodybuilding but also free time for fitness, athletics, gymnastics ...
Each interested person could make a choice, we offer a wide assortment.
It is a classic women's, men's, children's sportswear.
We offer you, dear guests, swimwear also for your quite little children "Baby"
and babies bermuda as well.
For mothers waiting baby we have elegant maternity clothes with little skirt
for beach walks, for staying near the water ...
We do not forget even for those enjoying food a bit more,
and need a little bit larger, oversized swimwear.
Name of company:         ELITA STYLE
Name of owner:         Edita Cikatricis
Locations:         Pecnianska 13, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
Activity:         special tailor shop
Description of production:
Our production is based on supply according to patterns (prototypes),
but also on customer’s demand, his/her the concrete respectively specific requirements and ideas,
who the model or product should look like, what functions is expected to perform and purpose
for which it will be used (relaxing sport, training, competition, full professional performance ,...).
Our products are neither mass production, nor assembly line production,
however they are products according to customer’s requirements.
We focus our production programme on the special clothes for sportsmen, actors, dancers,
such as particularly sports jerseys and overalls for high performance sportsmen, professional sportsmen,
made from high quality swimsuit material of manufacturers from Italy, Spain.
This swimsuit material is designed for demanding sporting activity,
and resistant even to hard conditions, e.g. watermen, weightlifters ...
However we sew also sports dresses for children's dance groups,
ballet dancers from swimsuit material intended for relaxing purposes,
e.g. to swim suits to pools, to the gym, to aerobics, fitness, or for walks.
Later on that is our goal is to expand or increase production and range of the programme
to other sports wear such as thermal clothing, other relaxing and training sportswear, etc. ...
Technique of production:
The production technology is performed on the basis of a proposal, pattern, order.
You can choose the quality, design, colour of material (swimsuit material, knitwear material)
from which the selected model will be cut and tailored.
Of course, in case of special orders the model (prototype) will be tried on
and required details will be completed.
This all takes place directly at the service premises, located relatively
in the centre of the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava
(easily accessible from the Highway D1, opposite to Incheba building, nearby the Post Office).
New Japanese sewing machines SIRUBA ( 'needle guns ,overlock, mask-machine' ) are used for production,
specifically designed for sewing of elastic material with attachments.
The basis is high quality swimsuit material from manufacturers from Italy, Spain.
Threads are used of high quality, both strong and elastic
(taking into consideration type and quality of material) from produces from United Kingdom.
Unfortunately - in Slovakia there is not any producer of required material,

Summary information:
- Contact details, map and details are listed on KONTAKTY   („CONTACTS")
- Offer selection, patterns, models (also enlarged) ... see - a MODELY..   („MODEL")
- Latest presentation of new models can be viewed on the website NOVINKY   („NEWS")
- Business description, description of the production techniques and other information you can find O NÁS (SK)   („ABOUT US")
- The main page of our web-site you can reach by clicking on ÚVOD   („HOME")
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Our goal is customer satisfaction,
to wich is aiming our production, strategy and management
of our manufacturing plant.
We will be very happy to provide you with more detailed information in case of your interest,
you can contact us by writing, by phone or you can visit us, you will be very welcome.
We hoped that information provided enable to create to you the "picture" of the potential offer,
which may still be adapted to your specific needs and ideas.
We look forward to co-operate with you, Dear Valued Customer.
We wish you many personal and work achievements.

Cikatricis Edita
Cikatricis Rudolf


Thanks for the translation of text - Mária Kysucká (Slovakia)
Thank you for visiting our web site ELITA STYLE - "http://elitastyle.6f.sk"

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